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Products designed and manufactured by ACPS SA

ACPS provides state-of-the art power converters and converters, designed according to the user's specification.
Every product is different. 
ACPS does not make standard converters, but we can supply any converter specified within the limits set out in the table below.
    Uin max Uout max Iout max Pout max Tmin


on case

@ full load

Other features
  AC-DC 500 VAC 5000 VDC 50 A 1000 W -43°C +100°C 1-phase or 3-phase input
With or without Power Factor Correction (PFC)
  DC-DC 800 VDC 5000 VDC 50 A 1000 W -43°C +100°C  
800 VDC
230 VAC 5 A 1000 W -43°C +100°C Any frequency up to 400 Hz
  Battery Charger
500 VAC
800 VDC
5000 V 50 A 1000 W -43°C +100°C  

Other information     
   Dual input (AC-DC and DC-DC) also available.
   All types of construction feasible: sealed modules, rack mount, cassette, open frame, and so on.
   Compliance with the most severe electromagnetical, environmental and military standards.
   Economic quantities: 1 to 200 pieces per order.


A few examples:

DC-AC shipboard inverter
Output 230 VAC sine wave
3% distortion
Very high crest factor.

DC-DC multi-output converter
48 VDC input.
Radar application.

DC-DC converter for
military aircraft.
NEMP tested.

Multi-output power supply.
Powered by aircraft power system
115 VAC, 400 HZ

Multi-input, multi-output
power supply with built-in
battery charger.
For all mains measuring devices.

AC-DC multi-output
power supply for industrial
application, 60°C room

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