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ACPS is the original designer of the AMILCON products. With more than 25 years of experience dedicated to the design and production of high quality power supplies made to the customer's specification.
ACPS converters and power supplies are used in the most demanding industries: railways, oil platforms, defence, aviation, shipping, nuclear.  And they offer outstanding reliability.

Our passion: quality.

Today, new developments are made on the basis of the numerous converters previously produced. This greatly reduces the costs and risks.
To deserve your confidence, every converter is carefully checked, tested and sold with a 3-year warranty. A Final Test Report is provided with every unit.

 Our satisfaction:   your satisfaction.


ACPS & Defense

Converters for ground support, tanks, radar.
For a reliable defence

ACPS & Marine

Shipping, submarines, oil platforms.
Humidity, salt fog: our converters remain operational.

ACPS & Airborne

Helicopters, civilian and military aircrafts.
Where safety is essential.

ACPS & Medecine

Medical apparatus, anaesthetic equipments.
Our converters help to improve the quality of life.

ACPS & Transport

Railways, vehicles.
For high-performance mobility.

ACPS & Industrie

Machine-tools, telecommunications, nuclear.
For greater efficiency.

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