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See the checklist below and provide as much information as possible, even if all fields cannot be filled: we shall send you our quotation with no commitment. This is the base for a preliminary offer. In case of interest we would need a complete specification and/or plan a meeting for clarification.

Note: Only converters specified within the limits of the parameters listed in the page 'PRODUCTS' can be offered.

Zip code:
Your message:
Input voltage range (DC or AC):
If DC input, what kind of source (battery, generator,...):
If AC input, do you need Power Factor Correction (PFC):
Output 1
Output 2
Output 3
Output 4
Output 5
Output voltage (VDC or VAC):
Fixed voltage or adjustable
Output current (A):
Minimum load (A):
Load regulation (%):
Line regulation (%):
Ripple (mV p-p):
Galvanic separation input-output:
Temperature range (°C):
Cooling: by convection, by conduction, heat sink, air flow, and so on:
If EMC requirement: what standard, level:
Type of construction (open frame, cassette, rack mount, sealed, and so on):
Max. dimensions (mm):
Isolation / Test voltage (VDC ou VAC)
        Input - output:
        Input - case:
        Output - case:
        Output - output (if multi-output):
Type of connection:
Environmental requirements (shock, vibration, humidity, and so on):
Type of application:
Any special requirement:

For inverter only:

Type of load:
Crest factor or max. current peak:
Output voltage: sine wave, square, trapezoidal, ...:

For battery charger only:

Type of battery:
Capacity (Ah):
Charging process (Normal, quick charge,...):
Charging time (h):


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